Virtual fencing

On the original diverse farmlet we are trialling the use of collars to control the area the steers are grazing and frequency of moving to a new area. These animals have just had the collars put around their necks before they are returned to their paddock

Current grazing new farmlets

The lambs off the diverse and ryegrass farmlets have all been weighed off and sold. The two farmlets are now being grazed with R1 bulls but still with a higher residuals being left behind on the diverse species. After 12 months the total animal product produced on the...

Update new farmlets

The pastures are all growing well currently and dry matter production is measured monthly by mowing a known strip as well as plate meter measures

Sheep farmlets

Farmlets sown 2023 The latest set of farmlets ( a diverse species mix suitable for sheep) and a ryegrass white clover farmlet are now being grazed by finishing lambs.